Deanne Sykes

Is your agri-business delivering the results you want?

Are you overwhelmed by the obligations and pressures on your time?

Do you have unrealised goals and ambitions?

I’m Deanne,

founder of Meraki – The Heart and Soul of Success.

I’ve spent my life on the land, and 30 years in the business of farming with my family’s beef cattle enterprise, Mawarra Genetics.

My passion for agriculture, family connection, personal development, and business management has led to the establishment of Meraki. This venture allows me to combine the wisdom gleaned from several incredible mentors I’ve had over the course of my life with the practical knowledge acquired throughout my career,

I offer individually-tailored mentoring to families and individuals across both the agricultural and small business sector.

I would love to support you as you navigate your way through the joys and challenges of running a farm/business as you raise your family, transition to the next generation, expand the scope of your operation, or explore other opportunities available to you.



Business Experience

I am a co-owner of Mawarra Genetics. 

We proudly operate as one of Australia’s leading producers of Hereford cattle. Our clientele span all Australian States and, to date, our genetics have been successfully implemented in breeding programs across nine countries worldwide. Our Angus herd development is still in its infancy, however, we are on target to offer 50+ Angus bulls for sale annually by the year 2023 … which will coincide with the 50th Anniversary of our On-property Sale.

My husband, Peter, and I took over the reins from his parents in 2002 when a succession plan was implemented, and our own children are currently employed across a range of roles within the business. Our aim is to provide genetics that increase performance and profitability throughout the supply chain, and engaging with our clients and understanding their operations and markets is an integral part of our planning and development. We are very proud of the community we have fostered under the Mawarra brand.

My role is to manage ‘the business of farming’ … the Time, Team, Talk and Turnover. I am often asked to share information about the many and varied aspects of running our multi-faceted business and the life/work balance we all strive so hard to achieve. My audience for information widened as our children grew to adulthood, our client base expanded, opportunities to employ additional staff arose, international students approached us to stay on-farm and increase their own knowledge, and we received requests for work placement by students of Agricultural and Veterinary Science.




Featured article – “INTHEBLACK”, November issue, 2022

Dianna Jacobsen FCPA, owner of SHINE at Business, helps clients to achieve success in life and business. Dianna has been assisting with the strategic planning at Mawarra for a number of years. Her coaching and business guidance has had an enormous impact on my life, my family, and our business. I have also been involved in Dianna’s SHINE at Leadership program since its inception at the beginning of 2021. The teaching from this program has empowered me to start my own mentoring practice, Meraki. Dianna’s story has been featured in the November issue of the CPA INTHEBLACK magazine, showcasing the impact of her work with her clients, myself included… I am honoured, and very grateful to Dianna, for inviting me to participate.


I believe that Meraki – The Heart and Soul of Success,

is a natural progression and expression of my existing skills and knowledge, enabling me to successfully contribute to the on-going education and support of families in the agricultural sector and the wider small business community.

I offer individually-tailored mentoring to families and individuals across both the agricultural and small business sector.

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